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Tranquility Beauty & Well Being Salon

Operating Protocols @ Tranquility - April 2023

What we have put in place and how we work:

The salon is regularly deep cleaned using anti bacterial cleaning materials.

A hands free sanitiser station is installed in reception – please use on arrival and departure

Hand sanitisers are also available in each treatment room and the cloakroom

We seek to co-ordinate appointment times for arrival and departure for clients using the 2 treatment rooms in order to minimise risk of unnecessary close contact especially in the reception area.

O Where 2 different therapists are scheduled to use one of the rooms on the same day a 1 hour gap between their clinics in order to fully clean and sanitise the room and to allow for full air exchange.


Couch covers/ towels will be stored, before use, in closed cupboards.

Therapists will wash their hands regularly and use sanitiser gel between every client treatment and more frequently as appropriate.

The therapists will wear appropriate PPE combining protective aprons, protective masks, face shields, eye protection and gloves at times of specific health risks or if any client wishes, when this is practicable and appropriate relative to the nature of treatment involved. These will be changed (single use PPE) or cleaned and sanitised after each client.

Any hand held instruments used in treatments will be used on just one client and will be fully sterilised/sanitised before the next use.  Certain tools used on clients will be retained for use only on that client and stored in air tight bags.

Larger machines used close to clients will be sanitised before further use, by use of sanitising spray and/or sanitiser wipes.

Hard surfaces in client areas are cleaned daily with antibacterial wipes/liquid and also between clients where appropriate.

Between clients and where necessary during treatments we will operate our air conditioning units to allow air circulation and replacement between client appointments.

All towels / soft couch furnishings used in the treatment rooms will be changed following each client and will be immediately bagged and, as soon as possible, laundered with antibacterial washing liquid at 60C+.

Gift Vouchers purchased will normally be sent electronically to the purchaser or recipient to avoid the risks associated with paper copies.

We have replaced our individual cloth type hand towels in the cloakroom and towels at the treatment room sinks with hands free soap dispensers and hands free dispensers of paper towels and toilet tissue.

Therapy Team health checking etc:

Therapists  “uniform” items of clothing will be washed at a minimum of 60C before re-use

Therapists will follow the personal cleansing and sanitising protocols outlined above.

What we ask of our clients:

Clients of Anita will be provided with mobile telephone number. Clients should contact her direct, as above, to discuss any issues, to book an appointment or if an appointment change/cancellation is necessary, rather than via the salon telephone, as this will ensure a more immediate response.

Hand sanitising liquid is situated in Reception and in each therapy room – please wash your hands and/or use the sanitiser on arrival and departure or at any time that you wish during your visit.  

Wherever possible we ask that payment is made by debit/credit card (contactless if possible), rather than by cash for the immediate future.  We can also accept Bank transfer.

Please park in the salon designated spaces immediately outside the salon.  There should usually be an available space immediately outside the salon.

We would ask you to adopt a safety first approach to keeping appointments and call us to postpone if you have even slight doubts about your own health, that of someone living with you or with whom you have had recent potential contact.  We will not complain even if cancellation is at the last minute, and we hope you will understand that this is in order to protect you, our clients, and our team as much as possible.  

We will continue to send appointment reminder texts to those who have provided mobile telephone numbers – usually the day before your appointment.  

  If you have any doubts about being fit to attend, please call us as soon as possible.

The precautions will be reviewed regularly, in line with guidance from professional bodies and the government, and amended as necessary and if you feel that there is anything more that we could do to ensure both your own and/or our safety please do not hesitate to let us know.

The whole team is delighted to be welcoming you to Tranquility and we will do all we can to make your visit enjoyable and relaxed despite the unusual times in which we are living.

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