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Terri Cadlwell at Tranquility provides a wide range of body and mind well-being treatments which are designed to treat the whole person and to bring about an improved state of mind, health and self perception.

Reflexology and Reiki are traditional centuries old treatments which use trigger points on the feet and hands to stimulate inner self healing of many conditions.

Reflexology has been used to alleiviate many problems including stress, fatigue,asthmatic disorders, fluctuating blood pressure and sleep problems. (See the video clip below)

Reiki is ideal for helping to overcome emotional issues including sadness, feelings of nervousness or being overwhelmed and can bring a balanced response to the triggers of emotional distress.

Bowen Therapy a strong form of massage which can balance neuromuscular and skeletal imbalances creating a body in tune & reducing muscular tension & pain, promoting mobility.

Homeopathy Terri is a trained homeopath and can provide treatments for a range of conditions.  Terri says, “I have been practicing Homeopathy for over 16 years and know from my own experience and that of friends, family and clients that this method of healing is effective for many complaints and 100 per cent safe from newborns upwards. It can be very helpful for complaints which can only be ‘managed’ - at a cost - by chemical medicine.”

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Reflexology, Reiki, Bowen Technique & Homeopathy