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Terri Caldwell B.A. (Hons)  Member The Complimentary Therapists Association  Member College of Practical Homeopathy

Terri-Elizabeth Caldwell

Terri is an experienced Complementary Health Practitioner who has been supporting people with their health and wellbeing over many years.  She offers a number of therapies at Tranquility Salon and is happy to discuss treatment options in order to create a personal well being programme.

Maximizing health and well-being requires regular intervention. Complementary Therapies come into their own when taken seriously and given their rightful place in helping people to not only improve health, but also to maintain it.

Terri believes that greatest benefit will be achieved by committing to an initial programme of 3 or 4 weekly - or at least fortnightly - sessions, followed by a maintenance plan of monthly or 6-weekly sessions of one’s chosen therapy or a mix of different treatments.

Terri joined Tranquility

in 2015.

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Reflexology,  Reiki, Bowen & Homeopathy
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