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I first, with some scepticism, encountered Julie Farmer about two years ago. I am 72 years old, still actively working. Age and wear and tear on the body takes it's toll. Having tried and tired of orthodox medicine, I was in need of something other than pain killers!

Do not expect immediate results, try a few sessions, then you, like me will be pain free and carefree, happily working. I owe all that to Julie Farmer, Bowen Therapist, of Cookley near Kidderminster. Give it a try, and feel the difference, just as I did.



I have Fibromyalgia, those of you who know what that means will understand what an all encompassing & life changing condition it is. I had used Bowen at intervals in the past, combined with other holistic therapies, to try to help me get some relief.

After moving house, I was too far from my usual therapist. I thought I could manage without Bowen, then a very good friend found Julie, wow! She is everything you would expect, professional, caring, thorough, highly skilled & very well qualified but also......

Intuitive, sensitive, & works miracles! (Clients opinion)

Yes really! After 2 sessions I have regained lost concentration, improved hearing, lighter feet (!!), better eyesight, longer legs & improved sleep!  ibromyalgia will always be a part of my life but I have renewed hope for the quality of my life in future.

Thank you Julie, from the bottom of my heart.

Helen H 2015


Julie has used Bowen Therapy on my hip and has completely transformed my life! She has a lovely friendly and professional manner and I highly recommend her!

Sue  13th Aug 2015

New to Bowen and a sceptic - no need whatsoever I approached my first Bowen, in some difficulty health wise, being over 70, arthritis in hips, shoulder and neck. Add in balance issues, asthma too, I was in need of help, with medication having minimal effect.

That was over a year ago, of Bowen from Julie Farmer, who operates from Cookley near Kidderminster. First weekly, then at longer intervals, and feeling much, much fitter. I cannot praise highly enough the result of her efforts.

Go on, give it a try, see and feel the difference. I'm glad I did!

Name verified 13th July 2015

Just do this! Bowen works. I started seeing Julie some months ago for a general well being treatment. I'd suffered with back pain, headaches, stiff shoulders and neck pain caused by bad posture, sporting injuries and a lack of general attention to my own well being.

With Julie's friendly, expert help and guidance and through Bowen, I've been able to move more freely, stand straighter and the crippling headaches completely gone. Julie worked on freeing me from the need to wear insoles to treat plantar fasciitis, these went in the bin after the first treatment and I've not had to replace them. Alternative treatments often get bad press, Bowen is a non invasive treatment plan that works. I see Julie now every couple of months now just for a top up treatment and I always come away feeling like a new person.

Ian 29th July 2016

Bowen treatment great help I have had 3 treatments on a painful shoulder after the first treatment i had signs of relief from pain and increased movement Bowen is a wonder and it does work you have to try it Julie is a true professional i am so glad i tried the therapy .



A stroke six years left my husband with poor mobility and low self esteem Since having Bowen from Julie my husbands strength has improved on his right side he also feels more confidence and will try anything within his capabilities I have noticed an overall improvement in his well being and he doesn't get as frustrated ,he recently has started to swim again after 6 years so a big thanks Julie Keep the good work up !! Julie is a very patient and kind person and a good listener and my husband looks forward now instead of been stuck in the past I would recommend Julie 100 percent



Fantastic lady, fantastic treatment, fantastic friend. I met Julie at an holistic fair event and have seen her for treatments for several months now. I have had jaw, back and elbow pain for which I have had to take painkillers for. Since seeing Julie I have stopped talking painkillers, the pain I had has subsided. But Bowen is so much more. I still see Julie because the therapy not only helps my joints with pain and ease of movement, but it helps me feel good. I'm not so stressed after seeing her and my confidence has returned. I met Julie at a time in my life when the pain I was experiencing was from the stress and overwhelming sadness of loosing my parents. Her help, understanding and friendship has truly helped my recovery. My husband has also started seeing her for an old injury on his shoulder, he has seen a vast improvement in his movement. We would wholeheartedly recommend seeing Julie, she is good at what she does and gets results. Thank you Julie, for listening to me when i thought I was alone.


Bowen, the cure-all therapy I have been seeing Julie for a couple of years now and in that time she's cured everything from a painful foot to a stiff neck, as well as various other ailments. One treatment was enough to end a problem with my foot that I'd had for 30 years which doctors had never been able to help with, and more recently her work on jaw realignment has meant relief from neck and shoulder pain.

I would recommend Bowen therapy to anyone, and Julie is an excellent therapist who loves to help people enjoy an easier, pain-free life.

Name verified  11th Feb 2018

Plantar Fasciitis  I decided to embark on a short course of Bowen Therapy after a diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis. I had previously tried physiotherapy and shoe inserts without any relief and was reluctant to have steroid injections.

Thanks to Julie and her Bowen Therapy my Plantar Fasciitis is a distant memory. Her friendly, approachable and professional manner was very refreshing. I would certainly recommend it.

Name verified Mar 2018

Mastectomy scarwork I was recommended to see Julie by a friend who had almost immediate relief from sciatica with Julie's help

My scar was causing major restriction to my arm and shoulder. After a couple of sessions its so much easier, I can do my hair now, and I feel energised and in a better frame of mind. Brilliant!

Emma  March 2018

Genuine testimonials from clients about Julie’s work…..

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